Top Moments of 2016 – #4


We’ve officially cracked the final five of our Top Moments of 2016 countdown. #5 on our list, which was revealed Monday, was the night where 7,602 fans attended the Ducks’ 5-2 win over Sugar Land on July 3, good for the largest single-game crowd in franchise history. With Kevin Baez’s 400th managerial win (#6) and Tyler Colvin’s waddle-off grand slam (#7) coming before that, we have already showcased some incredible moments from this past season.

However, we still have plenty more to go! Fans love coming out to the ballpark for exciting baseball and to support their hometown team. They also have a strong affinity for all of the fun promotions that take place on a nightly basis. No matter what year, month or day of the week it is, fans can be sure to expect a unique giveaway, fun contest or interactive promotion. That was surely the case in our #4 moment from 2016. Let’s check it out:

Winning 10-Grand in Grand Fashion – May 25, 2016

Two years ago, the Ducks introduced a brand new lineup of weekly promotions to their “Good Times, Every Time” promotional schedule. Every night of the week featured a special promotion, some of which were traditional fan favorites (Fireworks and Sunday Family Fundays), while others were brand news (Two-Fer Tuesdays, Fowl Pole Fridays, etc).  One of those that quickly became a hot ticket was Winning Inning Wednesday. During each Wednesday home game, a certain occurrence was designated to accompany each of the nine innings. Should the event take place in its specified inning, a lucky fan would win a grand prize of $10,000. Those in attendance needed only to sign up at the Ticket Kiosk prior to the game’s first pitch to be eligible.

While some might have originally thought it was near impossible to achieve such feats, the Ducks quickly dispelled that notion. On June 10, 2015, in only the team’s second Wednesday home game, Long Island rallied for seven runs in the seventh inning of a 10-9 win over the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. Since the seventh was designated as the seven-run inning, one lucky fan had won the big prize. That ended up being Ginny Steel, a Ducks season ticket holder from Amityville. When the promotion was continued the following season, Ducks fans wondered if lightning might strike again.

This time, it came in Long Island’s third Wednesday home game of the season. The Ducks were facing the Bluefish in a Ferry Cup matchup, and they quickly jumped in front of their rivals. An RBI double by Dan Lyons and a two-run home run by Lew Ford, both in the third inning, gave the Ducks an early 3-0 lead. In the fifth, Long Island threatened once again. Fehlandt Lentini singled, Lyons doubled and Ford was intentionally walked. That set the stage for Colvin, who was coming to the plate with the bases loaded in the designated grand slam inning. He wasted no time:

Just like he would do almost two months later, Colvin smacked the first offering over the right-center field wall. The grand slam gave the Ducks a 7-0 lead, en route to a dominant 15-5 win over their cross-sound rivals. Not only did it help his team to a victory, but it allowed a lucky fan in the crowd that night to go home $10,000 richer. Andrew Kratzer, a 22-year-old avid Ducks fan from Wantagh was randomly selected from the pool of contestants to win the prize. The team presented him with a giant check in a ceremony behind home plate during the latter stages of the game. His fellow fans roared in approval upon hearing the announcement, a memory that will surely be remembered by Andrew, the crowd and the organization for years to come.

Kratzer later told the Long Island Herald, “I thought I was in trouble at first. I didn’t know what I had done,” he said. “Then they told me I won $10,000 and I freaked out. It was an amazing feeling.”

Following the game, several of the players commented on the exciting moment:

Colvin: “I was pretty pumped! You come in here to enjoy a game and randomly, you win $10,000. I don’t know how much better your day can get after that.”

Lyons: “That’s a lot of fun! At the moment, I didn’t know it. I didn’t realize it until the following inning when they made the announcement. I remember when that happened last year, and there is always a lot of excitement around the park when it does. Congratulations to Andrew! That was a very exciting time.”

Check back in tomorrow, as we enter the Top 3 in our countdown!


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