Unique Game Highlights Fan Fest on Saturday

After a strong few days of workouts, the Ducks will begin their 2015 Spring Training exhibition schedule on Saturday afternoon. The contest will feature a matchup with their cross-sound rivals, the Bridgeport Bluefish, and is slated to start at 1:00 p.m. The game will be part of the team’s Third Annual Fan Fest, which gives the ‘Faithful Flock’ the chance to meet the Ducks for the first time before the start of the regular season. With no admission fee, attractions for everyone to enjoy and a gorgeous weather forecast, it is sure to be an enjoyable and exciting day for all. Not to mention, season ticket holders will get to enjoy their annual barbecue, which includes a meet and greet with Ducks players. In addition, Kids Club members will be able to celebrate QuackerJack’s birthday party in the Smokin’ Al’s Party Deck.

CLICK HERE for all the info you need to know about Fan Fest

A bit of rain on Day 4 of workouts kept Ducks hitters indoors to take batting practice in groups. However, pitchers were able to venture outside and brave the mist to stretch and do some throwing, long toss and conditioning.

Saturday’s exhibition between the Ducks and Bluefish will serve as a preview of this season’s Ferry Cup Series, in which the two teams are slated to play 26 times during the regular season. The exhibition contest will also feature a pair of (one game only) rule changes that will serve as a trial to see their impact on the pace and excitement of the game. The changes include:

-A player being ruled out if they foul off a pitch with two strikes
-A player earning a walk after three balls, rather than four
-All at-bats would therefore be limited to a maximum of five pitches, and neither the batter nor pitcher would have a distinct advantage over the other.

Both rule changes were proposed by 68-year-old author Paul Auster, a lifelong baseball fan who has published several works. He originally suggested the idea in a letter to the New York Times and later described his reasoning in a phone conversation with the New York Daily News.

Atlantic League President Rick White was asked about the changes and clarified the league’s stance on them. He said, “While these rules are not under consideration by the Atlantic League, we continue to serve as an experimental laboratory for ways to improve the pace of games. The changes should spice things up for fans as the 2015 season approaches.”

On Friday, Ducks Manager Kevin Baez revealed his tentative lineup and pitching rotation (with expected innings pitched) for Saturday’s Spring Training game. We here at “Quack of the Bat” are giving you, the fans, the inside look. Here it is:
#44 Bryan Sabatella – RF
#25 Erik Komatsu – LF
#20 Lew Ford – CF
#26 Jose Morales – C
#2   Cody Puckett – 3B
#28 Trayvon Robinson – DH
#33 Jon Griffin – 1B
#22 Blake Davis – 2B
#12 Dan Lyons – SS

#37 RHP Mark Rogers—4.0 IP
#27 LHP Tommy Organ—1.0 IP
#14 LHP Patrick Crider—1.0 IP
#23 LHP Carmine Giardina—1.0 IP
#38 RHP Amalio Diaz—1.0 IP
#34 RHP Ryan Kussmaul—1.0 IP

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Third Annual Fan Fest on Saturday! All of the fun begins at 10:30 a.m., so be sure to arrive early and take advantage of everything in store.


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