Weekend Debate: Favorite Ducks Jersey


Another week has come and gone Ducks fans. This week on the blog, we’re going to open up the debate to determine which Ducks jersey is your favorite. Throughout our first 14 seasons of play on Long Island, many different uniforms have made their way to Atlantic League diamonds. In the back-to-back championship seasons alone, the Ducks have worn six different jerseys.

Ultimately, the various uniforms sported by the Flock can be broken down into five basic colors: white, black, orange, gray and green. Everybody has had a different opinion on which color and which style they like the best. The black, orange and gray jerseys have had multiple looks over the years, but there always seems to be some debate as to which look was enjoyed more.

So, we’ll leave it up to you. Which color Ducks jersey is your favorite and why? Let’s take a look at the candidates:

White Pinstripe

These jerseys are the most synonymous with the Ducks and are exclusively worn at Bethpage Ballpark. You will find the home whites on at the majority of Ducks home games throughout the year, especially with most games being night contests. The jersey features black pinstripes and the orange traditional Ducks logo across the chest.


The black jersey has seen a couple different styles in the team’s history. Early on, the black jersey was the team’s third jersey in addition to the home white and road gray. It featured the orange traditional logo across the chest with a white outline and an orange number with a white outline on the front and back. After some time without a black jersey, it returned in 2011 and was the team’s primary road jersey that year and in 2012. However, they were worn when the team clinched the 2012 Atlantic League title at the Duck Pond. The newer black jersey had the words “Long Island” in script across the chest and a number on the front and back, all in orange with a white outline.


The Ducks debuted an orange jersey in 2011 as their Sunday/day game jersey, and it was met with rave reviews. The bright color looked fantastic on a sunny day and the cool, mesh-like material made it a favorite for players. The jersey featured the Duck head logo on the front-left chest and a green number with a white outline on the bottom-right of the front and on the back. In 2013, the Ducks sported an alternate look to the orange jersey, with the Duck head logo replaced by the traditional team logo and the number on the front moving from the right to the left. The orange jerseys were worn by the Flock when they won the Atlantic League title in Somerset.


The gray jerseys have been the primary road uniform for the team with the exception of the 2011 and 2012 seasons. The first gray jersey featured the words “Long Island” in script across the chest with a number on the front and back, all in green font with an orange outline. After a couple years without a primary gray jersey on the road, the team brought them back in 2013, with the “Long Island” logo and the numbers now an orange font with a black outline and a thinner material.


Prior to wearing the orange uniforms on Sundays and during day games, the Ducks frequently sported a green vest jersey in such occasions, usually with a black undershirt. The green jerseys featured the traditional Ducks logo on the chest and numbers on the front and back. Both the logo and the numbers were orange colored with a white outline and were worn both at home and on the road.

So fans, which one did you like the most? Please cast your ballot in the “Fowl Poll” located at the bottom of the page and leave us a note in the comments as to which you chose and why. The many uniforms of the Ducks have been a big part of the team’s history, and with the 15th Anniversary Season approaching fast, it’s fascinating to look back and see how many there have been. We’re not even including the special theme night jerseys that the team has worn as well; that’s definitely a debate for another week!


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  1. My favorite Ducks Jersey is the Orange Jerseys. My least favorite is the Green vest, it just didn’t look good. I did buy a game used orange jersey from 2012 this season at the Waddle in shop and also own a original 2000 away block lettered gray jersey.I also have a 2000 season green jersey with orange piping hung up in my home bar.That jersey always reminds me of the first few seasons in my season ticket seats.The first season gray jersey had Long Island in block letters with orange and a black border, not script the first season.

  2. I like the green jersey those should be the regularly weared jerseys

  3. You forgot the original green alternate jersey, worn from 2000-2003. It had full sleeves, orange piping, the Ducks script logo on the front in orange, white numbers front and back. The best jersey the Ducks ever wore. You should bring it back for 2014, the Ducks 15th Anniversary Season! I will post a picture of it on your facebook page.

  4. Definitely has to be the Orange Jerseys. Not only do they look good but good things happen when the Ducks wear them!!! Like Atlantic League Championships!!!

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