Weekend Debate: Favorite New Promotional Night


Long Island Ducks baseball is all about providing fans with affordable, family-friendly entertainment and a high quality level of professional baseball. Ultimately, fans in 2013 were able to enjoy celebrating the on-field success of the Ducks when they won their second consecutive championship at the end of September.

Off the field though, fans were treated a lot of exciting giveaways and promotional nights throughout the course of the season. Giveaway nights are always a sought-after trip to the ballpark for baseball fans, and the 2013 season produced an assortment of new items that the ‘Faithful Flock’ were eager to add to their collection. In this edition of the Weekend Debate, we highlight our Top 5 new promotional items from the 2013 season and ask you which one you think was the best:

Replica Championship Rings

Opening Night is often the first date many circle on their calendar the moment the schedule is released. In 2013, that was never truer with it being the night the Ducks received their 2012 championship rings and raised the championship banner. The first home game of the year at Bethpage Ballpark has recently featured unique bobbleheads, but this past season, P.C. Richard and Son chose to give away Replica Championship Rings to the first 1,500 fans. Bobbleheads are always a popular collector’s item, but how cool was it to receive a model of the Ducks’ 2012 championship ring to display proudly on your shelf at home or on your desk at work? Not many teams get to celebrate a championship. Receiving a replica of the jewelry athletes seek more than anything else is definitely memorable.

Replica Championship Trophies

Continuing along the theme of championship-themed giveaway items, the Replica Championship Trophy giveaway from July 17 also has to rank near the top. The Atlantic League championship trophy is one of the most unique pieces of hardware given out in professional baseball. The Ducks had just won their second title overall and first in eight years, and as we saw in last week’s Fowl Poll, the 2012 championship was voted the most memorable of any the Ducks have won. The first 1,500 fans received a model of that trophy, courtesy of BriarcliffeCollege, and it’s another item that looks great among your collection of Ducks memorabilia.

Collector’s Series Pennants and Pins

In 2013, the Ducks offered fans the opportunity to celebrate some of the greatest moments in Ducks history by receiving seven different items in the Collector’s Series. At seven games during the month of May, the first 1,000 fans in attendance received a piece of the set to create a memorable item honoring these great moments. From the Pin Pennant to the six pins that accompanied it, fans remembered the excitement of when the Ducks won the 2004 and 2012 Atlantic League championship, when they hosted the 2002 and 2010 All-Star Games, then the team welcomed its 5-Millionth fan through the gates and when the Flock hosted their 600th sellout. The Collector’s Series was one of the most unique giveaway items ever to be handed out at Bethpage Ballpark and highlights the great history that encompassed Long Island Ducks baseball.

Dog Bowls and “Bark in the Park” Night

Last year featured a giveaway item that not only fans could enjoy but their lovable pets as well. On July 5, Total Pet Care and Natural Balance Pet Foods gave out Ducks Dog Bowls to the first 1,500 fans in attendance. Pets around Long Island would now be able to show off their love for the Ducks when enjoying a drink of water or their favorite meal. Not only did these dogs receive an awesome giveaway item, they too were allowed to watch the Ducks defeat the cross-sound Bridgeport Bluefish in the first-ever “Bark in the Park” Night. Hundreds of dogs came out for a lovely summer night, hung out in the Hebrew National Picnic Area and were treated to an exciting game with the rest of their family. It was truly a memorable evening in Central Islip!

Ducks Travel Mugs

Finally, Ducks fans were able to proudly display their support for Long Island’s hometown team wherever they went in 2013 when EverBank handed out 1,500 Ducks Travel Mugs on July 6. These beautiful mugs were perfect for any choice of beverage, hot or cold, and were a perfect on-the-go item for any Ducks fan. The team has previously handed out beverage-related giveaway items such as souvenir cups and tumblers, but travel mugs were received with smiles from ear-to-ear because of their appeal to fans of all ages and lifestyles.

So, which of the five did you enjoy receiving the most in 2013? Let us know in the comments section below. We’re also interested to hear which other giveaway items you might want to take home in 2014 and beyond. The Ducks are always eager to receive feedback from the fans and entertain new ideas. 2014 will represent a memorable season in franchise history being that it’s the 15th Anniversary Season coupled with the celebration of last year’s Atlantic League championship. Get excited: Only 25 more weeks until Opening Night at the Duck Pond!


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  1. We liked that replica rings and trophies the best. We weren’t crazy about the pennant giveaway because you had to go to too many games too close together to get all the pins. We ended up having to buy them from the gift shop to complete our pennant.

  2. def trophies and ring The pins would be cool if you were able to purchase them each month at the waddle shop with a game stub.

  3. In regard to your questions on what other give-away items the Ducks should have, I think car magnets would be a very worthwhile promotion.

    These would either be put on the backs of cars and seen all over Long Island promoting Duck baseball; or they would end up on refrigerators in the heart of people’s homes and make brand impressions to close friends and families.

    If sourced correctly, these car magnets could be purchased for less < $1.00 each, and the total promotional cost would be less than a full-page ad in Newsday, with a longer promotional life as fans will keep them on their cars for years.

    These also can be sold in the Waddle In Shop. The Barnstormers & Skeeters have great ones they sell in their stores:



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